Talking Social Media w/ broken B key

So here we are on the internet. Unless you’re reading this on a TOR rowser, in which case I’m flattered, let me just say thanks for selecting this dookie over the other trash. Like, do other people still even use the general internet? Aside from video sites and booking shit, do people under their 30s still read stuff or is that kinda over now?

Old skool social media… well that’s aging adly.

Facebook. Erm decomposing in a damp cardigan, slumped in an armchair as the gray pomade eats away at its face(book!)? Like his value’s gonna drop. ‘Yeah, but like at least I own the algorhythm of the pretentions of the dead.’

Twitter. Erm #beefjerking in the round anyone?

Youtube challenges. Erm when the ulcers start bursting and claim your stomachs as occupied territory, that’ll e an interesting chapter of your lives to reflect off of. ‘At least I had 12000 subs, doctor. Erm something tell me you may regret eating all those chillies!! LOL. james-spader

Here’s a question: why is it, when my virator reaks I’m reduced to a rasping, venomous little cunt-throat within 9 days?

If you can help, please get in touch!!!